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3 Essential Dynamic Lists for Clean Pardot Prospect Data

Clean, relevant data is fundamental to successful sales and marketing. Without high quality data, we blindly blast prospects and hope for the best, leading to irritation or alienation.

In a working environment with less face-to-face interaction, solid data hygiene practices ensure targeted, contextual communication and richer relationships with customers and partners. 

Dynamic Lists

Dynamic lists in Pardot are a great tool for identifying prospects in your database that need recognition and reward, re-connection, or removal.

Here are three ideas for dynamic lists to help you maintain prospect data hygiene in Pardot:

1. The unengaged – reconnect & nurture, or remove

To find unengaged prospects, first of all define ‘unengaged’. If you send a lot of emails, unengaged might mean one month without engagement. If you send monthly newsletters only, six months or a year without interaction might be a better guide.

Here is a sample dynamic list for prospects who:

  • Have neither clicked on a tracked link nor filled out a form for 6 months
  • Have not opened an email for 6 months
  • Have been emailed at least 6 times in 6 months

Dynamic List for Unengaged Prospects

2. The engaged – recognise & reward

For highly engaged prospects, the rules are the opposite of those for unengaged prospects.

In the sample below, our dynamic list will populate with prospects who:

  • Have clicked on a link or filled out a form in the last 30 days
  • Have opened an email in the last 30 days
  • Have been emailed at least 4 times in the last 30 days
Dynamic List for Engaged Prospects

3. Test Prospects – remove

Test prospects may be created by your marketeers within Pardot or by your sales team in Sales Cloud. No matter their source, they can build up over time, taking up valuable mailable database slots.

A simple dynamic list can identify these, and you can use a table action to send them to the recycle bin. From there, you can permanently delete them. 

Here is a sample dynamic list for identifying test prospects:

Dynamic list for Test Prospects

Dynamic lists are a powerful tool to cleaning your prospect data and enriching your communications. It only takes a few minutes to set these up.

Ensure you ‘Preview Matches’ before setting the list live, to make sure they are capturing the right prospects. You are on the way!

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