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Ready to take your sales process up a notch? Tether’s Sales Cloud solutions empower your sales managers and reps by seamlessly automating tasks, streamlining processes, and enhancing productivity. Make every sale a winning moment with our innovative Salesforce solutions.

Sales Cloud

The benefits of Sales Cloud

38% increase in sales productivity

28% increase in sales revenue

26% increase in the opportunity win rate

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Contact Management

Social Accounts and Contacts gives sales reps the opportunity to find contacts or accounts on different social networks such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube. This way, they can efficiently address customer needs.

Opportunity Management

Sales Cloud Einstein looks at all the key moments in a sales reps’ deals, and it sends notifications of data that needs their attention. It also sends hints when they should make a certain step with the client to turn an interaction into a win.

Pipeline Forecasting

Sales managers can measure important benchmarks and performance indicators of their reps through forecasting reports and dashboards. Sales Cloud offers advanced forecasting that allows for smarter sales decisions and a clear understanding of your company’s potential trajectory.

AI Analytics

Sales teams can benefit greatly from Sales Cloud Einstein’s use of AI. By analysing historical pipeline data, business trends, and engagement, it is able to provide more accurate predictions for sales. This can help sales teams make informed decisions and achieve their targets more efficiently.

Process Customisation

Sales Cloud’s Lead Conversion helps businesses handle leads by customising the process to transform them into Opportunities, Accounts, and Contacts.


Process Builder helps automate lots of workflows, which empowers sales managers and sales reps execute their routine tasks faster and easier.

Why choose Tether?

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This is Salesforce’s flagship CRM platform that boosts your sales productivity and helps close deals faster. It provides a comprehensive view of each customer, facilitates smarter decision-making, and enables seamless collaboration within your team.

Tether offers support capabilities, managing your project from hypercare to BAU tickets and administrative tasks. We’re here for you at every stage of your Salesforce organisation.

Our proven record of delivering to enterprise customers stands as a testament to our expertise and commitment.

Conor from Tether has been fantastic in both training and helping with implementation of Pardot in our organisation. Conor has listened to our concerns to deliver a very bespoke and hands on training session. Connor also comes with a wealth on marketing tips and strategy which has been fantastic for us. Overall I would highly recommend Tether and Conor Ebbs for Pardot Implementation in any organisation.
Bernard Ward


Jenny Bowker - Marketing Director

"Over the last few years TheBishopdale Group have taken a digital transformation journey to enable batter sales and pipelinemanagement to both track and monitor the sales and orders throughout our international business structure."

Lauren Wolstencroft

Head od Marketing at Technical Fibre Products and TFP Hydrogen

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