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The benefits of Health Cloud

85% improved patient management

78% enhanced patient engagement

90% efficiency and collaboration

Focus on what matters
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Comprehensive Patient Profiles

Health Cloud seamlessly integrates demographics, clinical and non-clinical data, EHR information, and wearable insights.

Empowered Patient Engagement

Health Cloud allows patients to track their health in real-time and builds stronger relationships with their healthcare providers through transparency.

Efficient Case Monitoring

Segment populations, set reminders, and prioritise tasks based on immediate needs. With Health Cloud, providers ensure that the most pressing cases receive timely attention.

EHR System Enhancement

Transition from a mere system of record to an active system of engagement. Health Cloud unlocks the potential of EHR systems, ensuring providers have the right information when they need it.

Collaborative Care Network

Health Cloud encourages collaboration across the entire care network. Providers, specialists, and caregivers can share information and insights, ensuring cohesive care delivery.

Personalised Care Delivery

By understanding every patient’s unique profile and needs, Health Cloud enables providers to deliver truly personalised care, enhancing patient satisfaction and health outcomes.

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Conor from Tether has been fantastic in both training and helping with implementation of Pardot in our organisation. Conor has listened to our concerns to deliver a very bespoke and hands on training session. Connor also comes with a wealth on marketing tips and strategy which has been fantastic for us. Overall I would highly recommend Tether and Conor Ebbs for Pardot Implementation in any organisation.
Bernard Ward


Jenny Bowker - Marketing Director

"Over the last few years TheBishopdale Group have taken a digital transformation journey to enable batter sales and pipelinemanagement to both track and monitor the sales and orders throughout our international business structure."

Lauren Wolstencroft

Head od Marketing at Technical Fibre Products and TFP Hydrogen

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