A Festive Tether Tip

Seeing as 2022 is almost over let’s take a break from the usual weekly tips on flows, validation rules, quick actions, etc., and cover something a lot more important; giving your Salesforce org a Christmas Makeover!

If you have already decorated your home and your office and still have energy to do a bit more then why not go the whole hog and give your Salesforce org a bit of a sprucing up? With about 2 minutes of effort, you can turn your boring ‘Non-Christmas Salesforce org’ into a slightly less boring ‘Christmas org’.

Enter ‘Themes and Branding’, one of the user interface customisation settings in the Salesforce set-up menu.

Here’s one I made earlier.

Christmas Theme

I’m sure somebody with a bit more styling skills could do a much better job, but you get the picture.

To set this up all you need to do is.

  1. Go to settings
  2. Search for ‘Themes And Branding’
  3. Create a new theme
  4. Update the following settings (see screenshot below)
    1. Give your theme a name
    2. Upload a festive brand image
    3. Change the brand colour to something Christmas themed
    4. Set the page background colour
    5. Upload a Christmas image to be the page background
    6. Save and ‘Activate’ the theme
Christmas Theme

So there you go, for the rare people with too much time on their hands, you can now put it to good use updating the look of your Salesforce org.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Thanks for reading,

Rory McDonnell

The Tether Team

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