Dynamic Actions

Dynamic Actions

One of the more recent additions to Salesforce is Dynamic Actions. While you may not be using this functionality yet, it is very useful for showing/hiding buttons based on record data.

Traditionally, the buttons/actions displayed on an object record page are defined on the page layout. For example, on a quote you might see buttons for ‘Edit’, ‘Delete’, ‘Create PDF’. But what if you didn’t want to allow your Salesperson to generate a PDF until the quote was approved? Well, historically in this scenario it would be either tough luck, or you could try to build some sort or automation to change the page layout based on certain criteria. This has to potential to be a bit messy and hard to scale. Enter ‘Dynamic Actions’.

Thanks to Dynamic Actions, you can have a single selection of buttons, defined on the lightning page rather than the page layout, and specify under what criteria each button is displayed.

So, to continue the original example, we might choose to display the edit and delete button at all times, but only show the ‘Create PDF’ button when the quote status is set to ‘Approved’.

Steps to set up Dynamic Actions.

  1. Upgrade your Lightning Page

2. Select the button you would like to show/hide

3. Define the filter criteria

4. Button is hidden

5.Button displayed when quote is approved

I hope this quick example gives you some ideas on how to optimise and improve your own system.

We hope you enjoy this helpful tip from Salesforce. I know I certainly have, don’t forget to check back in next week for another exciting Tether Tip.

Rory McDonnell

The Tether Team

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