How large Organisations can maximise the use of Field Service

Imagine if large organisations are having thousands of jobs per day to be created manually! This would be a nightmare for Dispatchers doing this tasks and time consuming instead of we can utilise the powerful use of API’s.

What about if these jobs are coming from an external system and then being pushed via data loader daily? These also can be time consuming; having to use excel and data loader each time. Instead, why can’t we just build an API and sit tight for the jobs to automatically come into the system? The answer is yes, we can achieve this.

This is an example of how a JSON format can be used to push jobs into the system:

With this strategy, Dispatchers can stay calm and worry less about creating the jobs manually or using other bulk manual methods.

Once the thousands of jobs are created would they then assign the jobs manually? The answer is no. This is when the Power of Field Service Optimization come to play!

The Power of Field Service Optimization

Salesforce Field Service Schedule Optimizer is a tool used to schedule jobs to Engineers.

Imagine working in a large organisation that have up to 1000 jobs every day to be scheduled, having to manually schedule these large number of jobs can be very time consuming for Field Service Dispatchers and very repetitive task.

This is where the Field Service Schedule Optimizer comes into play. Field Service’s optimization engine will do the work for you! Same way the Dispatchers are scheduling Service Appointment manually. The optimization engine can utilize the same scheduling policy work rule & service objective you are using to schedule the Appointment.

You see how Awesome this looks like? Very interesting so far.

Field Service Administration (Resource Absence, Technician creation, create Shifts)

What about the on the Administration side e.g. Creating resource absences, shifts or creating service resources is it possible to build an API that can create these? The answer is yes!

Below is an example of a JSON payload on how we can create an Absence record via an API.

In this JSON Payload example, the Resource is not available for some following days mentioned in the Payload, we specified the Start Date & End Date, the Resource that not available.

Same method we did for creating the Resource absence is same way we can create users and shifts.

Reach out for more explanation or for a Demo.

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