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The New release from Salesforce sees the Launch of the Flow Auto – Layout Beta.

Auto Layout to the rescue:

If you like me find yourself constantly tweaking your flow layouts for hours (Dont tell the boss) to get those connector lines as sleek and uniform as humanly possible, our prayers have been answered.

Flow Builder now provides a canvas option called Autolayout that automatically connects elements to each other and handles layout. Instantly streamlining the user experience and making flow construction more consistent. 

This is done by simply Sliding the toggle button on the top of your builder page: This way you can toggle between Autolayout and Traditional Open Canvas mode: No more elements positioned slightly out of alignment!

This flow is fine and functional, but compared to the below, it lacks uniformity
Visually this flow is vastly improved with automatically connected elements

This is why we at Tether love Salesforce as a platform, streamlining workflows and automating processes that take up valuable time, allowing us as a team to focus on delivering the best solutions and keeping clients happy.

With these changes coming so frequently, whats not to love? Salesforce takes the heavy lifting and tedious tasks, and automates them to make our lives easier, why struggle to draw a straight line freehand when you can use a ruler!

Here are some of the other highlights we can look forward to: https://www.salesforce.com/releases/winter-21/overview/

And a link to some video content below:

Salesforce Winter Release Highlights: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDk2Fwnk4FE

We hope this helps, and thanks for reading!

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