Let’s Get Checked! The Bonus Check

We have a treat in store for you this week, following the 3-week-long “Let’s Get Checked” series. We have a bonus check to help you manage the performance and security health of your Salesforce Instance. But What about my Data health / Quality you ask?

Well we have you covered here too. Duplicate Data has to be one of the biggest consumption of time an Administrator will face. While the standard Salesforce Matching and Duplication rules are great for flagging potential duplicates while submitting or updating data records in Salesforce. You will inevitably find your self with a list of duplicates records from Time to Time.

To Help review and manage duplicate records one AppExchange package I recommend looking into is No Duplicates, This free tool is a game changer in managing data duplicates across any object in Salesforce, while also possessing the functionality to compare data across multiple objects ( Ie Leads and Contacts)

To get Started Simply download the app form the AppExchange, navigate to the app via the App launcher.

Now you can start by creating your new matching rules.

Selecting which objects you which to run the matching rules on.

And what fields and matching logic you wish to use.

You can also select to add a filter in to narrow down the records you wish to run your matching rule on (ie Record Type = Customer)

Once you have finished and saved your new rule, you will be redirected to the main screen and it’s time to run your matching rule check.

Once the Process has successfully ran, it will return a list of records that have been flagged as duplicates for you to review.

You can choose to ignore certain records, by selecting the drop down at the end of the record in the list and flagging it as not a duplicate.

You can also choose to manual review and merge records individually if required.

Or by Selecting the Auto merge quick action on the top right corner of the screen you can set your strategy to Identify the Master record (ie Oldest Created date/ Newest Modified Date). And let the tool merge the records for you. (Please note with the free version of this Tool the Auto merge function will only run 10000 records at a time, so you may have to repeat this process a couple of times)

And that’s it your duplicate records are managed and kept under control, you can also go a step further and automate this process to run weekly/monthly/quarterly to save you even more admin time. Simply select the drop down on the end of your matching rule and select the automate action and populate the details required.

We hope this series helps you manage and maintain your health, security and data quality. For more tricks to treat your Salesforce Org, keep an eye out for the Next Tether Tip.

Thanks for reading, Happy Halloween!

Mark Hanaway

The Tether Team

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