Let’s Get Checked!

Have you ever wondered how is my Salesforce org doing these days? Like you or me, your org requires regular screening to make sure it is kept in tip-top shape.

In this three-part series, we will be providing three tools you can use to always ensure your Org functions at full capacity.

Salesforce Org Health Check

The Salesforce Org Health Check is a great way to get a bird’s eye view of your orgs overall Security and State of play, The Health Checker can provide details of how your org compares to the Salesforce Baseline Standards, Show Status and Severity of identified risks and Provides recommend solutions to resolve these risks with recommended best practice solutions.

To Run the analysis of your org simply navigate to the set-up screen In your Salesforce org, Search for “Health Check” in the quick find search box and select the health check option.

Once the Health Check has completed its analysis you will be shown an overall Org Health percentage and status bar like so

And a list of you High, Medium and Low risks as follows

Once you have reviewed you risks click the Fix Risk button to start correcting.

Hope you found this helpful and make sure to keep an eye out next week for part two of “Let’s Get Checked”.

Thanks for reading!

Mark Hanaway

The Tether Team

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