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A super helpful tip from Andy Thomas this week, and a Huge welcome to the Team.

Bill Gates once said he would always “hire a lazy person to do a difficult job” at Microsoft. … “Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

Whether you are a Salesforce Admin, Developer, Consultant or Architect, there are times when you might feel the pressure of time on your back. This, coupled with the extensive nature of the Salesforce environment, you can often feel overwhelmed. The key here is, where you can, to work smarter and not harder.

Luckily there are plenty of tools out there that can give us an easier way to do jobs that are either difficult to do or time intensive.

Today I am going to mention 2 of these tools, both Chrome extensions, that without fail, save me time every day.

ORGanizer for Salesforce:

The first is ORGanizer for Salesforce. On its Chrome Store homepage is proclaims itself as “The best Salesforce Extension ever“ and I am not going to argue with that! There are SO MANY features that this tool has to save your life on a daily basis, but the one that has become a habit for me is the Quick Links feature. From anywhere in your Salesforce Org, by hitting CTRL + SHIFT + SPACEBAR you open up a dialogue box in which you enter the area of Salesforce you might want to navigate to. For example, Process Builder, Communities Settings or Users. Did I mention you can go this from ANYWHERE in your Salesforce Org. This means you can dance around Salesforce’s extensive Setup like Michael Flatley doing the White-Water-Rapid Dance (bad pun I know but I had to go there!). It might seem like a small feature but I implore you to use this for a week and then tell me you ain’t addicted!

This impeccable tool, arguably the Swiss Army Knife of Salesforce Chrome extensions, also allows you to do other things such as storing your Orgs usernames and passwords

Using Salesforce ORGanizer to store your credentials

Or giving you useful colours on your Salesforce cloud icon in your chrome browser. This is amazingly useful when you are switching between a production org and a sandbox.

Identify your Org by a pretty colour

Salesforce Inspector:

Salesforce Inspector is basically your cheat sheet to becoming your Orgs Sherlock Holmes. There are so many times, when building a Flow, a formula field or hashing around with Apex where you need to quickly get some information on your Objects and records. For example, the API name of the field, the data type or the value of a hidden field. This is where Salesforce Inspector whispers in your ear “I have ALL of the answers!” This is not like the seminal scene from the Matrix with Morpheus giving you the Red Pill vs Blue Pill dilemma. With a very discreet button at the side of your Chrome window, when on a Salesforce record, you can engage Salesforce Inspector to give you access to data and metadata directly from the Salesforce UI.

This awesome tool also allows you to perform quick one-off data exports and imports directly from within Salesforce. Data can be easily copied to and from Excel. No need to log in again when you are already logged in with your browser.

I hope this has been useful for you and please let me know if you have any tips and tricks that save you everyday when using Salesforce in the comments below.

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