Never Active Prospects in Pardot – How to Engage

Why are some prospects in Pardot marked as “Never Active” and what can we do to activate them?

Depending on the stage of your Pardot Journey, you may or may not have lots of “Never Active” Prospects in your database. This could be the result of an import from a previous CRM System, or even just manually uploaded from a list, essentially these prospects have no Activity History. This is not the end of the world but we want to make sure these prospects become active so we start seeing their tracking information.

The Prospect List and the list view options?

The Prospect list is where you go to view all prospects in your Org, and here you have filter criteria to change your list view depending on who you want to see. We have options such as:

  • Active Prospects
  • Active Prospects for Review
  • All Prospects
  • Assigned Prospects
  • Mailable Prospects
  • My Prospects
  • My Starred Prospects
  • Never Active Prospects
  • Prospects not in Salesforce
  • Reviewed Prospects
  • Unassigned Prospects
  • Unmailable Prospects
  • Unsubscribed Prospects

Never Active Prospects, what can we do to activate them?

Dont be too disheartened if you look at the never active prospect dropdown and see a high number. This can be the result of an upload as we stated earlier, its also worth pointing out that these prospects may have been emailed, however there are specific actions we need a prospect to take to become active.

There are certain activities that will set a Prospect as active in Pardot, lets focus on clicking a Custom URL in an email. (We could also get them to fill out a Pardot form)

Create a list of Never Active Prospects

Build a list of never active prospects:

We can really simply build a list of never active prospects either straight from the list view, or by creating a segmentation rule:

Send a Simple Email:

The easiest way to activate these Prospects is to send a really simple email with a clear Call to Action on board. If we use a Pardot Custom URL as the click through, these prospects can be cookied straight away! Aim to put something of value on the other side of the URL, whether that’s a Whitepaper download, or some other learning information. Always incentivise click throughs with a reward.

Its that simple, have a clear click through on an email to your never active prospects and you will notice a huge uplift in your active prospect database.

As a Pardot person its something I am always conscious of, and on a regular basis I will check in on this list and try this trick to keep the numbers as low as possible.

We hope this helps, and thanks for reading,

The Tether Team.

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