Pipelaunch – Latest Releases and Features

NEW from the Tether Tips Blog – Pipelaunch – Latest Features and Releases

A really helpful follow up tip from our Sales Director David Greene this week


We have introduced Pipelaunch in a couple of previous blogs, covering its features and benefits and how it can enhance your ability to leverage social media to boost sales. We also covered over why we as Tether decided to use Pipelaunch and the differences it has made for us as a Team. These blogs can be found below:

The latest Updates:

A key feature of any Sales enhancement tool is that it is fluid and adapts to any changes in the Market and improves release after release and is no exception. Pipelaunches periodic updates and enhancements further the usability and success we are having with the tool.


In the last 6 weeks there have been 5 updates to the platform and some of the improvements have further enhanced the tools usability:

  • Xing support
  • Allow search for job openings without job titles
  • Improved job openings results
  • Better results on contact info API
  • Improve mobile compatibility
  • Show job title on contact info

The next update (week commencing 4.10.21) will include:

  • Email Verification – Pipelaunch will find out if the email address provided is valid and deliverable
  • Scraping of company job sites, where Pipelaunch will return the tech stack of the prospect or any other keyword

Moving Forward:

In October or November there is a significant update, where there will be a LinkedIn chrome extension for Salesforce released. This will be an incredible upgrade and will remove the need to manually type information from LinkedIn and other sites into Salesforce. We are already benefitting from the use of Pipelaunch but this update will make manual tasks like our LinkedIn Data Capture even easier, allowing us to focus on Sales


This tool has brought added fluidity to our Sales Process and aided our ability to add key information to our Leads, giving us better insight into who we are targeting. As John alluded to in the first blog, “One of the key challenges Tether and our clients face every day is the idea of social selling and how to link it with our CRM data. How to get to the decision makers and how to be impactful with our selling strategy.”

Pipelaunch has helped us to conquer these challenges, and continues to evolve and offer us more.

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