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NEW from the Tether Tips Blog – Re-Engage Inactive prospects with Engagement Studio

A tip from our Pardot & Salesforce Consultant Mark Reid this week.


When I talk about Pardot as a tool, I like to mention its use not only as a Marketing Tool but as a communication tool. The traditional Marketing funnel as we see in Digital Marketing 101 is now a thing of the past, and the old way of the marketers job being primarily to line up leads for the sales team still exists, but using a tool like Pardot we can do more in terms of follow on sales and maintaining the relationship between our company and our clients.

Engagement Studio is such a great tool for this follow up, and depending on how our business model works, we can adjust engagement studio to fit our needs. Some of the basics of its functionality can give us really easy to identify use cases such as:

  • Competitors Program
  • Upsell Program
  • Event Follow Up Program
  • Top of Mind Program
  • Re-Engagement Program

These are just some of the basic ways that Engagement studio can flex its muscles and automate our customer journeys, and what I will look at today is a simple Re-Engagment program to try and rekindle relationships with inactive prospects and continue communications to keep your company in their minds.

The Use Case:

This Engagement Studios purpose is to Re-Engage inactive prospects by putting your best content forward, reminding them that you are still here, and ready to help should they need you. Keeping these prospects active builds a more accurate and healthy database which in turn can boost your ROI.

The content that should be used for this Engagement Studio should be based on the fact that this prospect may not require your services at this point, but it could be a luxury add on that fits their previous purchase, or a follow on sale. We can extend a promotional offer based on their historic activity, or even just share high value content. Something that I have used in the past for this kind of Engagement Studio is a “Top 10 Reasons that you should consider our brand”. This alomst bleeds across to the Competitor Engagement Program, but this is more of a gentle reminder of what we do, to keep the prospects interest in our Product/Service.

Timing is Key with Engagement Studio:

Depending on the Use case for Engagement Studio, we can adjust the cadence and timing for the communications. For Example if we are using Engagement Studio for a flash sale to try and offload a surplus of products, we could almost use it like an exploding offer, creating a sense of scarcity and offering huge discounts over a short timeframe to really try and get sales over the line. However this case is different as we are really trying to casually approach these clients. In this case I would suggest a gap of 7-10 business days between communications as to not overwhelm these inactive clients, but to give them key information and remind them of the benefits of maintaining the relationship.

What I have done here is just created a static list of all customers, and built an email template called “Brand Builder” Detailing some of our strengths and why our brand should be at the top of your list should you need anything that we provide. Again to mention that this is not a hard sell, this is almost a gentle reminder, that we are still here, and we are happy to help if you need us. If we look at the steps below we can see that there are no negative effects for not engaging with our content, we are not giving a negative score or adding to a cold leads list, we are just proactively maintaining the channel of communication and keeping things open, after all any relationship takes work and communication!


Most Journeys have a beginning and an end, but with Engagement Studio we can break the traditions of a customer journey and ensure that communication is extended beyond the sales process, simple but incredibly effective, here at Tether and in any business, clients are key, so keep your clients up to date and maintain your relationships simply with Engagement Studio.

Thanks for reading, We hope this has helped.

The Tether Team

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