Sales Cloud – Getting Started Using Custom Address Fields

Previously creating new address fields in Salesforce that matched those on the standard objects was not possible, and you’d have to create several custom fields in an attempt to replicate this.

With Winter ’23 update however, this a thing of the past! Once you enable the feature in the setup menu, you’ll be able to create your own custom address fields that look just like those on the standard objects.

How to Enable Custom Address fields

Before we enable the “Use custom address fields” setting. There are a few checks we need to perform first. We’ll need to confirm that we’ve configured our State and Country/Territory Picklists if we want to use picklist values for our country fields in both the standard and custom address fields. This can be found by typing “State and Country/Territory Picklists” into the quick find bar in the Setup menu.

If the country fields on your standard address fields are already using picklist values, or you don’t want to use picklist values in your country fields in both the standard and custom address fields you can skip to the next section.

Once you’ve reviewed the above. We activate the “Use custom address fields“ setting. In order to do this, we can go to the ”User Interface“ Section in the Setup menu.

After doing this, we can find the setting called “Use custom address fields”, check the box to the left of this and then press save. Once we’ve enabled this, we’re ready to create our custom address fields!

How to Use Custom Address Fields

Once we’ve completed the other steps, we can now begin creating custom address fields on our objects, to do this, we’ll need to go to the object we want to create the custom address field on.

As we’ve enabled the custom address fields feature, when we go to create a new field we’ll find a new option called “Address”.

After selecting this new option, we’ll be able to give our new address field a label, and then establish field-level security, and add the field to page layouts. This is a great feature to be aware of although it does have some limitations at present, which can be found here.

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