Salesforce and Pardot, The Dream Team.

Here at Tether, one motto we live by is we win as a team and we lose as a team, and when you look at salesforce and Pardot as a team, they really go hand in hand and bridge the gap between Sales And Marketing. They are the dream team.

Our Team at Tether:

A little bit of background into who we are and what we do here at Tether, as some of you know we are a Silver Salesforce Partner, providing Salesforce solutions for some of the most challenging (in a good way) requirements for clients.

We have an amazing Team based across three locations, Ireland, the UK and Ukraine. We provide Salesforce Implementation and Training, Pardot Implementation and Training, Website Development and much more. Our Team is diverse and constantly evolving and getting better, and we always help each other out and share knowledge and solve problems for one another. We are all team players, and although Covid 19 has led to us working remotely quite a bit, we still have a scrum call every morning and are in constant communication. That said nothing beats a meeting at the water cooler!

Sales and Marketing, the Traditional view.

This leads me onto Salesforce and Pardot. Having worked in Digital Marketing both officially and unofficially for a long time now, ive always noticed a divide between Sales and Marketing. Training people on using Pardot I see the same thing, however many of the people I train wear many hats, so a lot of the time there is crossover. Traditionally however they have very much been viewed as separate entities, although both with one common Goal, to drive Sales and Generate revenue! With this in mind, I want to talk about how Pardot and Salesforce work hand in hand.

For me I always think about the traditional Sales Funnel, The TOFU MOFU BOFU Diagram that is always referenced in Digital Marketing 101, these funnels always have a cutoff point whereby Marketing takes the lead to a point and then just hands them over to Sales.

So what does that mean? Well on paper it means that when the Marketers job is “done” the customer is passed over to Sales and taken care of by the Sales team. NOT ANY MORE!

Salesforce and Pardot:

With Pardot being built out of Salesforce and using first touch attribution, we can track any anonymous visitors to the website (youre not really anonymous but that’s for another day) and trace their movements all the way from that first interaction with your company as an entity, all the way through to a closed/won opportunity, and with opportunity reporting in Pardot, we can see exactly how many opportunities have been created from these first touches on our website or third party ad etc! So if we put out a kickass blog post or if we get interaction from Social media and one of these new prospects converts into a Sale, we can see this in Pardot and we can attribute that sale to the “Blog” or “Social Media” Campaign. Also because Pardot information is viewable in Salesforce our Sales Team can view Pardot interactions on any Lead they are following up on!

Within Pardot you can also create email templates that are available to Sales users to send out, so there is consistency in design and branding across all email communications from the company. Again joining forces between Sales and Marketing.

Both sides, Salesforce and Pardot are built from the same platform, and both provide us with Smart Timesaving features and functions, as marketers we can spend more time focusing on strategy and campaign management, and Sales can focus on closing deals and client relationships.

Relationships are key to any business and nurturing and reengagement programs maintain a healthy cadence of communication with both new and existing clients. Follow up Sales and new Sales all come from our combined efforts.

Salesforce and Pardot, knitting teams together!

We hope you are all keeping well, and we hope this helps!

The Tether Team.

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