The Essential Strategy in Successful Google AdWords Campaigns

– Written by Conor Ebbs

According to recent research by WARC, the Google AdWords advertising platform accounts for 44% of global online advertising revenue, and 18% of total global advertising revenue.

With 72% of search engine market share, and the world’s largest online display advertising network, Google AdWords is set to dominate the pay per click marketing space for the foreseeable future.

The missing ingredient

Over the last 12 years, I have managed and optimised hundreds of Google AdWords campaigns across myriad industries, and one common trend emerges: the most successful campaigns embrace one crucial strategy: relevance.

It may sound simplistic, but building relevance into your Google AdWords campaigns drives more conversions at a lower cost per click, resulting in a greater ROI for your ad spend.

Why is relevance so important?

Relevance is one of the pillars of a solid SEO strategy, so it should come as no surprise that Google values relevance for both ranking organic search results and the position of AdWords adverts in their auction.

The three places where relevance matters most are: keywords, ad copy, and landing page content. Here is a checklist for your Google AdWords campaigns. If you answer no to any of these questions, you may be missing clear opportunities for optimisation.


  • Are you using keywords that exactly represent the service or product you are offering?
  • Are you using keyword match types effectively to reduce irrelevant impressions and increase the click-through rate on adverts?

Advert copy

  • Is your advert copy consistent with your chosen keywords?
  • Are your chosen keywords mentioned explicitly in the advert copy?

Landing page content

  • Is your landing page content consistent with your chosen keywords and advert copy?
  • Are your chosen keywords and advert copy mentioned explicitly in your landing page?

Conclusion: relevance benefits you and your customers

Aiming for coherence across these three areas will place you ahead of the majority of your competitors on Google AdWords. Accurate keywords paired with clear, action-oriented ad text and a specific, targeted landing page are crucial to ensuring relevance in your campaigns.

Relevance also benefits your prospects as it removes ambiguity surrounding your service and product offerings, helping to pre-qualify leads early in your sales pipeline. This saves your prospects valuable time and removes tyre-kickers immediately.

Build relevance into your campaigns today

Audit your Google AdWords campaigns and look for relevance gaps in the three areas above.

Fill in the gaps and let us know how you get on!

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