Tether Tip – Why We chose Pipelaunch?

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Here is a follow up on last weeks Tether Tip, from our Sales Director, David Greene.

Last weeks Tip was the Introduction of a new Partner Product which will bring a new dimension to your Social Sales Ability – This is part two, and how we use the tool.

Why We chose Pipelaunch?

When we sat down as a team to look at the ways we could increase our level of interaction with customers and time we spend focusing on sales related activities each week we quickly noticed how little time we were spending on these key activities. When we calculated between all the various other things we needed to do daily to fulfil our roles, we were spending less than 1/3 of our week focusing on selling.

When we started to flesh this out, we decided we need to look at utilising a sales engagement platform. The first thing we needed was something that would integrate well with Salesforce. We also needed something to give us as a sales team the real insights into the information we need daily to help drive the key activities we need as a sales team. Activities such as prospecting, finding the right contacts within organisations and more importantly having them all presented back to us in one easy to use screen.

But why Sales Engagement Platforms?

Well for us it was all about making the most of each interaction we have with customer and making sure it is all on one platform. Having a sales engagement platform that extends our CRM and sits natively within Salesforce was a big plus. We looked at serval areas we felt were important to achieve this, such as :

  • Maximising how we used data from external sources in our sales processes (Companies Information, Email, LinkedIn, social media etc)
  • Automation of tasks which were time consuming such as prospect generation, searching for prospects (the right prospects) and having items such as intelligent script displays

When we really started to extensively review the market, we found several things were really driving this adoption of sales engagement platforms across all industries and these included two main areas:

-Increased requirements for automated tools to reduce manual interventions

-The need to allow sales teams work more efficiently and focus on their jobs

Having talked to Pipelaunch and looked at industry benchmarking reports such as the TOPO Sales Development Technology Benchmark Report we saw key trends that were emerging:

-Over 85% of sales development companies have or are in the process of adopting sales engagement platforms

-90% plus of these organisations prioritise sales engagement platforms as mission critical

-Sales Engagement platforms have shown they are highly rated in technology when it comes to Return on Investment.

Pipelaunch, The reasons why:

Having a tool that is native to Salesforce firstly allows us as a team to manage fewer tools and more easily navigate our sales processes in one platform. Removing several additional applications to wade through really helps when prioritising prospects or planning a sales call.

Pipelaunch facilitates integration with several keys tools we use daily such as LinkedIn, utilising company news feeds, Email functionality, identifying relationships maps within organisations and dynamic scripts.

What I found since I have been using Pipe Launch is that my day is not consumed with manual tasks such as logging of information as it is all there for me. Being able to plan my week from a sales perspective is key and Pipelaunch allows me to do that by having tasks, calls and meetings all in one place. It allows for lead populating from key marketing tools and reduces time spent generating leads through its single dynamic list generation

From a sales execution point of view Pipelaunch provides that one single source of truth that facilitates planning, productivity, applications, and research. The ability to quickly search for prospects and company information is a real time saver.  I have found the call scripts and objection handling scenarios very informative and utilising this with our sales processes and methodology has really helped in getting more client appointments. When you see all this represented back to you in relationships maps on one screen it really does help accelerate sales processes.

Finally, the mobile integration capabilities of the Pipelaunch application is really a game changer for us as it has native integration with Salesforce. Where it really wins out is the ability to send phone numbers from your desktop straight to your mobile phone. This also automatically logs these activities onto Salesforce and allows for outcome logging without having to switch between systems.

For more information about this article please contact David at www.linkedin.com.in/1davidgreene/

We Hope this Helps, and that you are all keeping safe and well,

David Greene – Sales Director at Tether.

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