The Importance of taking a step back

Always monitor your marketing goals:

Lets face it were all busy! This year has been really strange and trying and many of us are juggling numerous things and trying to keep up with our Goals both inside and outside of work. Which leads me to my point, its important to take a step back and assess your progress.

Working with and training teams on Pardot, I always reference the fact that the program takes the heavy lifting out of marketing, and that the beauty of Pardot is that its template based, so you can build once and reuse, and you’re not reinventing the wheel every time you want to send an email for example. This is all very true, but I always say that because Pardot takes care of all of this, it allows you as a marketer to focus on your strategy. Something I don’t do enough.

A shot in the arm:

A real eye opener for me was a LinkedIn Post from our MD, John Hennessy last week, where he posted about the fact that this company turned 5 last week (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TETHER) and the impressions that the post got were off the scale, (16,675 last I checked) and it really led me down a path of thought about how we are engaging with people, our content, and our strategy…..

Pardot as a tool:

Pardot Engagement Studio
Pardots Engagement Studio Feature

I eat what I sell,  I’m a huge Pardot fan, and I find myself over enthusiastic on Demos and Training when I get into some of its best features (spoiler alert Engagement Studio wins it for me), but we have Dynamic Lists, Landing Page and Email Builders, Prospect Scoring and Grading, Social Posting, and more, its absolutely amazing to have all of these tools at our disposal, but what if were not getting the most out of them? That’s why its important to hit pause, take a step back, and reassess periodically. Make a checklist, and ask yourself some questions

  • Have I set objectives and Goals and am I hitting them?
  • Am I targeting the right people?
  • Am I using my resources to their full potential?
  • Can I do more?

Its important to ask ourselves these questions, because it reminds us of why we set out our stall the way we did, and why we market the way we do. Is there anything we need to change? Can I pull in more resources? If its a blog, do I have anyone new in my network that can blog for me?

A major resource that I have at my disposal is the team here at Tether, although Marketing is my responsibility, its always a collaborative effort, and I love asking the Team members for their Tether tip periodically, as we all work differently and come across different blockers and gotchas, so its great to learn together and help each other out. This also keeps our content varied, no one wants to hear me blab on about how great Pardot is week in week out. I can but I wont.

A good reminder for me every time I log into Pardot is the dashboard, which shows me my marketing calendar, and I can see what I have scheduled to go out over the next two weeks, this is a great reminder to keep your cadence up. Consistency is key.

The Step Back:

Its extremely important to set timeframes, whether that’s on Campaigns, Goals, or even just setting a time out to reassess, Pardot is a smart tool, but it doesn’t do it all, you have to constantly monitor your efforts, report on them, and measure your success and adjust accordingly.

Take the time to look at your marketing efforts as a whole, even do an audit on your website, has it been freshened up recently? Reporting within Pardot offers us such an insight into our efforts, use it as a tool to see what’s working, what isn’t, and what we can do better. This year has set out new challenges for businesses, and changed the way we do things, its important that we keep setting goals and hitting them, we all need a win from time to time!

Hope you are all staying safe and well,

The Tether Team.

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