Top 4 most critical Field Service Lightning features

Not every tool available on the market can offer a comprehensive service that meets the complex requirements that every company type needs. Keeping a large team connected and coordinated in real-time can appear to be a straightforward task, but the reality is quite the opposite. 

In this week’s Tether Tip, we’re bringing you 4 of the most critical Field Service Lightning features you should know about, to help your company operate smoothly. 

What is Field Service Lightning?

Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a Salesforce service workforce solution. It is a cloud-based solution that automates tasks and offers real-time collaboration capabilities to manage Work Orders from installations to servicing. It is beneficial to manage field agents and streamline customer service experience for companies that need field technicians to support their business. 

Critical Field Service Lightning features you should know about!


A main console framework can provide a complete overview of your fieldwork load and status, making it easier to assign, monitor and withdraw Work Orders. Dispatchers have clear visibility of timelines, can track locations and allocate skill-based work assignments. 

Customers benefit too. Automatically notify customers with up-to-date information about their appointment. You have the option to give them details like:

  • Expected arrival time
  • Name and photo of the mobile worker
  • Location of the en route mobile worker

This will assist in the complete removal of overscheduling and job switching. 

Field Mobility

Field Service Lightning allows you to support your mobile workforce on the go. Help boost your crew’s productivity with a mobile app that can:

  • Supply the info they need to get the job done quickly
  • Help manage timesheets and customer notifications
  • Guide them from job to job efficiently 

Mobile capability also gives your technicians access to data, including product inventory, job instructions and schedules. This enables your workforce to provide the correct service to your customers and complete Work Orders effectively. 

Manage Work Digitally

Many businesses are still using on-premise field service solutions. This results in managers lacking visibility through all customer insights, that are vital in developing the customer view that modern businesses require. 

Become in control and match your customer’s expectations with lightning-fast updates and collaboration and scheduling functionality.

Workforce Analytics 

Field Service Lightning gives the right people the visibility and insights needed to manage and improve your workforce in a tailored way that works for your business. Utilise reports and dashboards to see key company metrics and make smart decisions. Review user performance of the field service technicians and create schedules that maximise the skills and capabilities of technicians. 

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