Clean Your Pardot Prospect Database with Dynamic Lists

Over time, your Pardot prospect database can become unwieldy, filling up with unengaged or unqualified prospects and spam or test data.

Like everything else in life, without regular cleaning and maintenance, things can get very messy.

What is a clean Pardot prospect database?

From a Pardot point of view, a clean prospect database is one that is segmented effectively and contains prospects that are interested in and engaged with your content and offerings.

The benefits of a clean database are many:

  • Targeted and personalised messaging
  • Trust and credibility
  • Effective use of your mailable database
  • Strong engagement and ROI on marketing activities

Clean your prospect database with Dynamic Lists

One way to quickly clean your Pardot prospect database is through the use of a Dynamic List.

See the screenshot below for a sample dynamic list setup:

Dynamic List Rules

  • Prospect last activity is greater than 180 days (no form completions, clicks on tracked links)
  • Prospect has not opened an email in the last 180 days
  • Prospect has been emailed at least 6 times in the last 180 days

This will populate a list of prospects who have been communicated with monthly for the last 6 months but have not engaged in any way despite this.

You can then select all prospects in the list, and send them to the recycle bin, where they will not be tracked, and free up some of your database for new mailable prospects!

If they fill out one of your Pardot-tracked forms in future, they will be automatically reactivated and restored in your database.

We hope this helps!

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