Using Completion Actions in Pardot.

Take automated actions on your assets.

Completion actions are a great way to automate some actions from a marketing element. For example, you can use a completion action to add prospects to a list when they complete a form. Completion actions are available on forms, form handlers, files, custom redirects, emails, and page actions.

What can we use them for?

For example if we sent out an email, showcasing a product that we are releasing, we can set a completion action that a Sales User is notified when a link is clicked on within the email. Pardot can report on email opens and clicks, but if the purpose of the email is to build interest in an upcoming product, having Sales notified of someone who is a hot lead is a great way to start to gain traction for your Sales People (Obviously we would get the attribution too). We can take action when an email is opened, a link is clicked within the email, or a prospect unsubscribes.

We can also have completion actions on forms, for example if a form is filled out on a landing page, we could deem that the prospect is added to a list, his/her score is adjusted, and a tag is applied to the prospect to further segment them if need be.

Another nice way to utilise completion actions is for Autoresponder Emails. I like to get an email when I sign up for a webinar or an event, particularly now with the transition to more online events, having the link to the event in an autoresponder is the best way to have your invitation stored.

Other ways to use autoresponders are if someone fills out a form, they get a follow up welcome email, again giving you more ability to engage and report on these engagements. We can set Completion actions on file downloads and Page Actions too, making them a really valuable tool for automating responses and engagement when prospects take actions.

Here we can see that ive set the Completion Actions to be that when a link is clicked, a Prospects Score increases, they are added to a list, they are tagged, and I am notified. A really useful set of actions taken on the click of a link.

Another simple yet invaluable tool within Pardot, were taking time to build content, why not further monitor the reactions to it?

Hope you are all staying safe and well,

The Tether Team.

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