Customise the welcome email for your customer portal

NEW from the Tether Tips Blog – Customise the welcome email for your customer portal

A really helpful tip from our Salesforce Administrator Simon O Leary this week.


Have you just set up a community, invited your first member and realised they received a standard Salesforce link with no branding on it? Here’s a way to solve this quickly! There are two ways to handle this; edit the current template or create your own from scratch.

Edit The Current Template

While you can create an email template from scratch, the quickest way is to jump in and edit the current welcome email. This can be found in:

Setup > Classic Email Templates > Experience Cloud: New Member Welcome Email

So why use this over the standard Salesforce functionality? Here you can edit the text in the box below to deliver a custom message that’s more reflective of your brand. What you will see in the box below is a number of items in brackets like “{!Community_URL}”, these are “Merge Fields” and will be replaced with the correct data when the email is sent to a new member!

Once you have added what you would like to, save the changes and your welcome email is ready to go!

Create Your Own:

What if you want to start fresh and create a new lightning template for your portal’s welcome email? Well to do this go into any application on your org, open your app manager and search for “Email Templates”.

Here you can create a new lightning email template, including merge fields and images. Once you are happy with how your email reads, you can save it to a folder and now we can find where to set these email templates!

Change or disable the welcome email:

To find where to change this, go to:

Setup > Digital Experiences > All Sites

From here you will see a list of your Salesforce Digital Experience Sites, click “Workspace” beside the one you wish to edit and choose the “Administration” tile from the next screen. Over on the left you can select “Emails” to find this screen:

From here you will see the “Welcome New Member” checkbox is ticked. You can uncheck this to disable welcome emails, or select the magnifying glass beside it to change to a different email template.

That’s it, you’ve got your custom Welcome Email ready to go when a user is enabled in your portal.

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