Keep your skillset fresh with Trailhead

NEW from the Tether Tips Blog – Keep your skillset fresh with Trailhead

A really helpful tip from our Pardot & Salesforce Consultant Mark Reid this week.


One thing about Salesforce, and Pardot for that matter, is that they are always evolving. Its critical that we keep our Skillset up to date by researching, reading blogs, Podcasts, and another priceless tool for me is Trailhead! 

Part of my job in Tether is End User and also System Administration Training. Sometimes it can be a lot of information for a client to take in, particularly if they are new to Salesforce or any CRM. So I will always direct people to Trailhead.

The most daunting thing for some people is the fact that they are working with live and real data, so it can be a little bit scary to get under the hood and start making changes to an Org the first time you do it. Our MD John Hennessy always tells us to go forth and break things, however we don’t want to break real Orgs, so in step Salesforce and provide you with a tool to break with out having any knock on effects.

Salesforce Trailhead is their online Learning tool, and its incredibly helpful and its gamified, so we win points as we go. As corny as it sounds they make learning fun!


If you head to you can access Trailhead, there is a small sign up process and once you have completed the forms, you are taken to the learning area. By the way this tool is free!

The first Module actually teaches you about Trailhead, and takes you through how the platform works, and from there you can search for specific Topics and navigate through the modules and trails, and even take on some Trailmixes.

Newest Badges and Trending:

As they say on the platform, we can earn badges, have fun, and build our career on Salesforce. Every module we complete we get points on our score (and confetti on the screen) and we also earn badges which are almost a nod to the particular skills we are working on perfecting in Salesforce, here we can see some of the filters, newest badges, Trending this week etc.

One of the best things about Trailhead is that there are specific modules for specific processes in Salesforce, for example if i wanted to learn how to build a Discount Approval Process, there is a specific module for that exact use case in Trailhead and it teaches you step by step what to do to achieve this! Super helpful.


One of the best things about Trailhead is the Playground, Salesforce essentially provide you with a dummy Org with some dummy data in there which you can launch and do your worst, without doing any damage to any sensitive data. Playgrounds are where your hands on challenges take place in Trailhead. My playground for example is called the wise-moose, and its prepopulated with data that makes it look and feel like a live org. Here we can create the process in question following Salesforces Instructions, and then once were done verify the steps and get our reward!

Our Score and Rank:

Every badge and module we complete adds to our score and rank, and I will admit its kind of addictive, so they have definitely worked hard on the gamification and rewards, you can really quickly both build a score and essential Salesforce Skills.

 Only 4175 points to go, id better get back to it!

Thanks for reading, We hope this has helped.

The Tether Team

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