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NEW from the Tether Tips Blog – Use Opportunity Splits to credit multiple reps for single sales

One of the many great functionalities available for Salesforce as standard is Opportunity Splits.

The Ability to split the credit for opportunities among multiple sales reps and with different % splits IE(50 -50, 60-40, 20-20-60) is key to ensuring your sales reps can work together and be credited accordingly.

Step 1:

To enable Opportunity Splits, you will need to navigate to the setup menu

In the Quick find box search for Opportunity Team settings

Form here you can enable Team Selling.

Navigate to Opportunity Team Settings in Setup

Step 2:

After Enabling Team Selling you will Need to Navigate back to the Opportunity page and edit the Lighting page to add the Opportunity Splits component to the Page.

For more information on how to edit lighting pages please click here.

Once you have added the component to your page you can now set your teams on individual opportunities and set the desired roles and split percentages accordingly.

Navigate back to the Opportunity page and edit the Lighting page

Step 3:

Now that you have enabled your opportunity splits, you can add your users to your opportunity team and split the percentages per member.

Step 4:

Now when you report, the value of your split on every team opportunity you have been added to, will be attributed under your user.

Whats not to love about attribution?

For more tips on how to leverage Opportunity splits, you can view the video below:

Salesforce Releases Video:

We hope this helps!

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