Operational Efficiency: AIA’s Journey with Salesforce and Tether

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Operational efficiency with AIA and discovering the Tether difference.

Based in scenic West Ireland, AIA Loss Assessors Limited is a prominent firm specialising in insurance claims for residential and commercial properties. Our commitment to exemplary customer service resonates throughout every facet of our operations, ensuring property owners receive dedicated representation at every stage of the claims process.

The Decision-Making Process

As AIA navigated the landscape of software solutions, we carefully considered our search for a partner. Initially, we encountered a big gap between our operational needs and the offerings of Salesforce. It just didn’t match what our business needed. However, our journey took a pivotal turn when we engaged with Tether. Unlike previous evaluations, Tether didn’t just propose solutions; they demonstrated a nuanced understanding of our business processes. Tether showed us a tailored proof of concept which proved how Salesforce could seamlessly integrate into our operations. Their commitment to collaboration, coupled with this clarity, instilled confidence that Tether and Salesforce aligned with our objectives. Find out more about Tether’s tailored services here

Implementation Process

We teamed up with Tether for a three-month journey to set up Salesforce Service Cloud, Digital Engagement, and PDF Butler. Tether customised solutions to fit our needs perfectly. Over two days of deep-dive workshops, our leadership welcomed change and tackled challenges head-on. Tether helped us identify and lighten the load on areas bogged down by admin work. Our Salesforce Champion – Sheila, working hand in hand with Tether, made sure everyone was comfortable using the new system and that every feature was working smoothly.

The Outcome

Just two weeks after implementation, AIA encountered a significant surge in claims following a severe storm in Ireland. Despite the sudden influx, Salesforce enabled our team to seamlessly manage the increased workload. We gained valuable insights into new claims, identified bottlenecked adjusters, tracked pending documents, and monitored outstanding invoices, empowering swift, informed decisions. During this demanding period, Tether provided invaluable support and guidance, enabling us to effectively leverage Salesforce to address challenges. With their assistance, we now accurately forecast revenue, previously hindered by manual processes.


Operational efficiency with Tether and the implementation of Salesforce have transformed AIA Loss Assessors Limited. Through meticulous planning and collaboration, we’ve not only streamlined our processes but also gained invaluable insights and capabilities that were previously out of reach. Tether’s unwavering support and expertise have been instrumental, guiding us through challenges and ensuring a smooth transition. As we continue this journey, we’re confident that having Salesforce and Tether by our side equips AIA to navigate any future endeavours with clarity and efficiency.

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