Utilising Salesforce To Its Full Potential: Northcott Global Solutions


Northcott Global Solutions (NGS) is a leading provider of comprehensive global risk management, including emergency response services and duty of care. Specialising in medical, security, and travel risk management, NGS ensures the safety and well-being of clients worldwide. Whether it’s facilitating evacuations, offering medical assistance in remote areas, or providing security consultancy, NGS is dedicated to delivering tailored solutions to meet the diverse needs of both corporate and individual needs, ensuring peace of mind in any situation. Combining expertise, global reach, and innovative technology, NGS sets the standard for excellence within industry.  

The Problem

NGS Operations and Security teams have used Salesforce as our CRM platform for over a decade, but post-covid quickly realised the platform wasn’t being used to its full potential, and there was little adoption from other departments in the company, due in-part to the constraints and poor user experience of a platform not designed for our use case. Most colleagues had continued to use Salesforce Classic despite Salesforce Lightning being available for some time. Following discussions with Salesforce it became apparent that to futureproof our operations, a migration to Salesforce Lightning was needed promptly.

The Decision-Making Process 

The decision-making process was initially triggered by a longstanding pain-point shared by our Network Manager, Operations, and Security teams born from poor user experience in navigating our extensive database of Service Providers. A conversation surrounding NGS’ desire to have a mapping facility that could plot our global network of Service Providers so that the Ops and SecOps teams could easily identify providers in a chosen region and have confidence that all compliance parameters were met before activating them. Following a brief demo of Salesforce Maps from Salesforce, we were introduced to John and Sean from Tether who wasted no time in offering potential solutions. Early conversations snowballed and further user stories uncovered, including a desire for reporting to be more accessible to all colleagues within the company so they can move away from spreadsheets and stay on top of their own MI and stats. 

The Implementation Process 

The aptitude and understanding of use cases unique to NGS demonstrated by both Sean and Joehenry throughout the implementation process is a testament to Tether’s deep understanding of the Salesforce platform and proficiency in communicating solutions to the client. Implementation was smooth and Tether were extremely flexible in accommodating shifting deployment, and training dates to ensure minimal interruption to business operations. Any post-deployment teething issues were rectified within hours not days. 

The Outcome 

The user experience has undergone a significant improvement, thanks to the implementation of automated processes. This has effectively minimised redundant tasks, allowing our operational hours to be utilised more efficiently in providing assistance to our clients rather than being consumed by mundane administrative duties. With colleagues from all departments now proficiently utilising the Salesforce platform, we have witnessed an enhancement in productivity across all areas. 


Collaborating with Tether has liberated us from the limitations of an obsolete CRM system that failed to meet our operational needs. The migration initiative, enhanced by the adaptable support and development agreement, has empowered NGS to consistently enhance our internal workflows. As we move forward, we eagerly anticipate phase 2 of our partnership with Tether, with a specific emphasis on reintegrating Sales and Lead management into the Salesforce platform. Without a doubt, Tether is the ideal partner for this endeavour. 

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